High Output, Low Silhouette,
Topped Off with an Upscale Look

High capacity baseboard meets classic, architectural design with this sturdy, quiet model that is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Sterling Classic is a very cost effective solution to your space-heating needs.

Attractive Architectural Design

The extruded aluminum grille looks great and functions even better: it neatly conceals the heating element from view without decreasing its superior performance.

  • Painted Classic White to match even the most elegant décor
  • Symmetrical styling and clean, crisp lines in a low silhouette
  • 18-gauge front panel adds to its structural strength, outstandingly durability, and freedom from warping.

Hi Output - Small Footprint

Classic hydronic baseboard provides high capacity heating outputs in a small streamlined configuration.

Classic is turn-key solution for all types of applications.

Though only 9" high and 3" deep, Classic baseboard provides high capacity comfort.

  • " and 1" Elements in 8', 7', 6', 5', 4', 3', and 2' lengths
  • Assembled at our factory
  • Available with "snap-on" accessories for quick installation
  • Aluminum grille is easily removed to access the heating element.

Quiet Operation

  • "Open Box" fin design prevents fin edges from contacting one another
  • Exclusive Silent Glide Shoe allows the heating elements to expand and contract smoothly
  • It all adds up to perfect, silent operation!