Meeting Today's Green Initiatives

In today's energy-conscious world, replacing an old boiler with a more efficient one is only a start. DesignLine's Synergy - the new low temperature baseboard - has been specially designed to let state-of-the-art, high-efficiency fully condensing and modulating boilers operate at their full potential, maximizing energy efficiency and providing homeowners with greater cost-savings.

Clean and Green

  • Hydronic fin-tube design provides clean, uniform heat
  • Low temperature capability maximizes boiler system efficiency.

The results are simple: premium performance and more useful energy at less cost. Get more, pay less!

Low Cost Alternative

Low temperature baseboard is also a lower cost alternative to radiant floor, panel radiators, and ceiling applications.

Healthy Hydronic Comfort

Hydronic heating provides the most comfortable and efficient heating method available.

  • Versatile systems are easily zoned for individual comfort
  • Balanced humidity levels are maintained throughout your home.

Best of all, hydronic systems do not use fans that can circulate dust and allergens so your family's home environment stays healthy!

Durable, Easy to Operate, Great to Look At.

  • Heavy-duty design stands up to high traffic
  • Made of rugged, 18-gauge steel panels
  • Attractive white baked enamel finish that blends with any décor
  • Individual room temperature regulation with manually modulating damper


  • Installs as easily as traditional fin-tube radiation
  • No special tools, no secret techniques
  •  Simply put...installation is easy!