SUNTEMP NST-Hi-Output 800

Beauty and Performance

The first thing you see is their sleek lines and smooth satin-white finish but what you don't see is their performance, you feel it.

Suntemp hydronic baseboards is one of the all categories.

  • Comfort
  • Silence
  • Convenience
  • Strength
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Styling
  • Efficiency
  • Economy!

Whether Suntemp Imperial or the hi-output Suntemp 800, Suntemp hydronic baseboards add up to one thing: PERFORMANCE.

Custom Heat Control

Suntemp hydronic baseboards come with a finger-tip heat control damper that allows custom control of heat distribution by simply adjusting the damper anywhere along the length of the baseboard.

Looks Great Now, Looks Great Later

The low 7-7/8" and narrow 2-13/16" design features a Satin White baked finish. After installation, painting does not hamper operation. The rounded-edge surfaces mean they're easy to clean for a long-lasting attractive look. For added eye-appeal, even the return tube is concealed.

Easy Installation

No tools are needed for installation. All of the tab type accessories stay where they were put. In addition, both standard and hinged types are available.